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Direct marketing is a presentation of your business to the public in a way other than traditional advertising. It's more word-of-mouth and simple presentation. This approach is more indiviual and more tailored to a company who has an individual experience in mind for prospective customers.

Here are some examples:

branding events

CLIENT: ElectroVoice
BUSINESS: Professional Sound Equipment
SERVICES: We were able to do a simple branding at Ben & Jerry's "Free Ice Cream Day " charity event.  We were able to do a low cost branding at the event and demo the company's product to strengthen the experience.

BUSINESS: Automotive Manufacturer
SERVICES: Street-teaming in a test-market, creating public and viral marketing for a new product to that product's test demographic. Their campaign was smart, and we took it to a targeted demographic to test its popularity and release their marketing piece.


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