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It's half of our name.

It's half of our name. So we're experts at delivering your brand and your product to your demographic with non-traditional means.  Its effective and it catches your demo where they live.  With TiVo and other new technologies people can pay to avoid seeing advertising (or they just ignore it altogether), but guerilla marketing targets your audience and gives them an original, thoughtful introduction to your business and your product. This is the fun stuff, so let's get creative.

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CLIENT: [austin swim]
BUSINESS: Fan-based multimedia event
SERVICES: Developed a local promotional event, "[austin swim]" to promote [adult swim] programming and local performers. The "rock 'n' roll cartoon party has redefined guerilla marketing in Austin, TX. The event has received national attention and has been a highly attended and effective event for its demographic.

BUSINESS: Automotive Manufacturer
SERVICES: Street-teaming in a test-market, creating public and viral marketing for a new product to that product's test demographic. Their campaign was smart, and we took it to a targeted demographic to test its popularity and release their marketing piece.

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