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CLIENT: Good Bird, Inc.
BUSINESS: Animal Trainer/Publisher/Educator
SERVICES: Our client was so successful teaching classes and publishing her magazine that she had very little time to take her business to the next level (even though her clients were begging for her to) without a lot of help.   We took her teaching plan and script and shot a HighDefinition training video that provided merchandise at appearances and for the magazine and website, a demonstration video to promote and book upcoming classes, and a retail offering for pet stores around the country.  Along the way we updated her corporate identity and helped fulfill sponsorship relations that offset many of the production costs of this DVD.

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CLIENT: Troy Dillinger's "Dirty & Hairy Film Festival "
BUSINESS: Independent Film DVD
SERVICES: We created a humorous and unmistakable identity for the project through parody of the famous Clint Eastwood movies.  The project won "DVD of the Year" awards from the Austin Chronicle and the Austin Music Network. To date it has been included in 6 film festivals in the US and won several "Best of" Awards.



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