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Soundman & Singer/Songwriter Bob Merkett needed a fast and friendly site on a budget. His PA Rental company was growing and he needed an online calling card to show his equipment, pricing, and value. Its always a pleasure helping out good people who contribute to Austin's creative lifestyle!

Anyone familiar with the roofing business knows that it takes speed, honesty, and a truly solid message to connect with potential clients. Most customers are wary of fly-by-night "storm chasers" who often take advantage of customers. We created this direct mail campaign to feature Ace Roofing's quality and trustworthiness to potential customers.

BUSINESS: TVs #1 Cable Network
(in 18-35 demographic)
Event Production & Promotion, Graphic & Web Design, Film Production & Editing, Tradtional & Non-traditional advertising, guerilla & viral marketing, signage & posters
We produced a weekly promotional event called "[austin swim]" for the sheer joy of having the world's only multimedia party with a swimming pool.
We also had a special co-promoted event to promote network programming and local performers at SXSW 2006. The event was advertised nationally to tie in with our local marketing efforts. We also implemented various types of guerilla, direct, viral, and online marketing for this event. 
Our relationship with the network resulted in an official license for our event and an open door to work further with the network in furthering its marketing goals.

Visit Webpage: www.moversaustin.com

We took one of Austin's top 10 moving sites and began an agressive re-branding and online marketing campaign that includes design, traditional and non-traditional marketing, SEO & PPC campaigns.
We have greatly improved the company's natural search engine listings, and helped increase their traffic and business through other marketing and online optimization techniques.

Visit Webpage: www.austinaa.org

Austin's local Alcoholics Anonymous service office needed a public interface that helps local people in need connect with AA meetings and the organization's service structure. The site was created on a Joomla platform and had extensive back end modification to allow for simple content updates.
The website also features a fully-functioning live calendar with full mapping functions and replaced the organization's temperamental open source site.

Note: We offer a 20% discount for non-profit organizations!

Visit Webpage: www.austinpeacecenter.org

This excellent organization had a volunteer-based Joomla website that needed some updating and additional functionality to interface with an email marketing solution. We helped get the site into shape and added back-end functions that increased front-end usability for visitors and returned the site for their volunteers to maintain.

Note: We offer a 20% discount for non-profit organizations!

Austin Daze was looking for a distinctive logo and we provided conceptualization, working with their in-house illustrator to create a signature piece that has branded the company's endeavors for several years.

Visit Webpage: www.austinfootandankle.com

This brand new practice was growing fast, and we helped keep their site updated and populated with content that made servicing their patients easier, allowing them to give top-quality patient care. We also created a series of print ads that ran in small local publications.

Visit Website: www.austinhandgroup.com

When another of our clients added a partner to increase their patient services, we created a complimentary identity and collateral that was the perfect match for their existing identity. From logo, paper products, photography and finally a website, we helped setting up shop in a new practice seamless for all parties.

This 25+ year tradition created by the Austin Chronicle is the official beginning of Austin's SXSW Conference and features Austin's best & brightest performers and music biz notables. Dillingerilla was brought in to increase the show's production values and we added a live-switched camera package with custom graphics for each of the show's 65 winners and performers.
Our giant projection screens have become an integral part of the event, as they give every audience member a front row seat and information on the winners in real time.

We worked with AMN to help increase their advertising revenues and ratings through creating low-cost sponsorship opportunities and marketing events that increased their visibility in the community.

We developed a local promotional event, "[austin swim]" to promote local businesses, Cartoon Network's [adult swim] programming, and local performers.
From identity & branding to advertising/marketing and promotional tie-ins, our "rock 'n' roll cartoon party has redefined guerilla marketing in Austin, TX. The event has received national attention and has been a highly attended and effective event for its demographic.

Austin musician Bob Schneider was growing quickly, changing eCommerce solutions while having his record label design a band site. We did a breakout page for his eCommerce which used the style of the label's website for a seamless transition from site to site.

This Austin property company had two distinctive properties that were going through a total makeover to prepare them for the growing Austin market. We designed a website that featured not only the style and aestetic of the properties, but one that actually used the elements of the interior designer's color palatte and textures.

Visit Webpage: www.chameleongp.com

This Austin investment company wanted a simple, clean, one-page website for their company. We helped define their mission statement and gave them an identity page that served their needs.

Consider It Sold was an eBay consignment business that featured seller services for its clients. We created an ad campaign that ran on local television and helped bring lots of clients through the door.

Visit Webpage: www.corbetgroup.com

This client has a turnkey General Contracting firm with a diverse area of expertise.

We created a traditional marketing and advertising campaign to increase this Austin attorney's client base. The client's expensive full-page YellowPages ad was not getting the referrals that it once did, due to the diversifying advertsing market and the fact that people just don't use the phone book as they once did. We created a multilingual advertising campaign that featured our client's strength and friendliness. We also built a new website, focused on online marketing techniques and turned our client's ad budget into an effective campaign that got the phones ringing again and filled his reception area back up.

In 1997, Direct Events needed websites for its new venues, LaZona Rosa, The Austin Music Hall, and The Backyard. We created artistic sites for each venue.

Visit Webpage: www.dragonxpresstogo.com

This small business was launching a great idea in a great location and wanted to create a simple site that featured its two-faceted business as one entity. We created a mutual identity and a helpful site for their customers.

CLIENT: ElectroVoice
Professional Sound Equipment
SERVICES: We were able to do a simple branding at Ben & Jerry's "Free Ice Cream Day " charity event.  We were able to do a low cost branding at the event and demo the company's product to strengthen the experience.

CLIENT: Gibson/Baldwin Grand Slam Jam
BUSINESS: Musical Instrument Company
SERVICES: This corporate fundraiser by Gibson Guitars/Baldwin Pianos for The Hope Group cancer charity paired world-famous musicians with world-famous tennis players to play tennis and music to benefit the SouthWest Oncology Group.  The event's promoter hired Dillingerilla to produce the musical events associated with the tourneys and to coordinate sponsor relations and branding opportunities at these events.

Our client was so successful teaching classes and publishing her magazine that she had very little time to take her business to the next level (even though her clients were begging for her to) without a lot of help.   We took her teaching plan and script and shot a HighDefinition training video that provided merchandise at appearances and for the magazine and website, a demonstration video to promote and book upcoming classes, and a retail offering for pet stores around the country.  Along the way we updated her corporate identity and helped fulfill sponsorship relations that offset many of the production costs of this DVD.

Visit Webpage: www.jakesgranola.com
Visit Webpage: www.theovertongroup.org
Visit Webpage: www.pnnews.org
Visit Webpage: www.rivercityroofing.com
Visit Webpage: www.saveaustinmusic.com

BUSINESS: Automotive Manufacturer
SERVICES: Street-teaming in a test-market, creating public and viral marketing for a new product to that product's test demographic. Their campaign was smart, and we took it to a targeted demographic to test its popularity and release their marketing piece.

Visit Webpage: www.southaustinmusic.com

You name it. In his 20+ year music career, Troy has built a reputation around the world for his music and his public personna through a wide variety of marketing techniques. He made all the mistakes and had all the successes with his own career and he brings them to each client .